…some news from far away :). Last sunday I visited the Monserrate. It is a  mountain (3.152 m) in the center of Bogota and allows a really good and impressive view of Bogota. On top of the mountain there is situated a church named «Monserrat’s Morena Virgin». Of course it is a tourist attraction, but at the same time it is a pilgrim destination because of the church.

Some impressions:








The church:


Moreover there are many tourist shops, offering food, clothes and other stuff… 🙂










…and food: there are many innards to find….Who wants to try first? And of course beer and some «Coca»-drinks….

A view from behind. Beer, Music and the locals who know how to dance on the music ….


And here I was enjoying Canelazo ( Panela + Aguardiente). It’s a hot drink…

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