Day «3» – Machu Picchu

…the trip through the history of the Inkas didn’t stop at all. The contrary, we are going to visit Machu Picchu, which was told to be a place of refuge for the Inkas. But this is not a proved fact. But anyway Machu Picchu, which was built in the 15th century, is really awesome. I mean, how is it possible to build a city at this altitude in the mountains far from anything. Well it was a good place to build a city because in the end the Spanish people didn’t find this place during the conquest of Peru.

We started our trip at the train station in Yucay. There we went with the train through the valley of Urubamba to Aguas-Calientes.


From there we went in buses up to the entrance of Machu Picchu. The time in the train was relaxing, we got some food and of course we enjoyed the landscape of the valley. It was awesome. What a pity that the pictures from the moving train weren’t that great. But some are showable.


The Bus from Aguas-Calientes went through the mountains on a small road way. But I really enjoyed my view.

But when we arrived at the entrance we were all excited to see Machu Picchu.

After all the sight-seeing tour we were really tired. As well all the up and down gave us the rest. So we had short lunch break outside. Every visitor was allowed to sign their passport with a Machu Picchu stamp. Fair enough now my passport is becoming my travel memory.

Back down in the village Augas-Calientes we did some shopping. There was an art market, too, so we bought more presents for our friends. In the night time we eventually got to Cusco. First we went with the train to Yucay and then with the Bus the rest of the distance. It was an impressive day and we learnt a lot about the Inka culture.

On this photo above a guy is trying to conserve the cultural heritage «Machu Picchu». In all the gaps there are loads of braids and grass, which could destroy the stone walls. For that reason this hard and neverending work of this man. As well they are searching volunteers to help to conserve Machu Picchu.

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