Day „7“and Day „8“– Sightseeing tour in Lima

Last view on the lake of Titicaca…

…and Puno

The only plan of Day “7” was travelling from Puno to Lima by airplane. So we packed our stuff in the morning time and went from Puno to Juliaca, where the airport is located.

Normally the flight was planned to take off at around 12 am. But only one hour before this flight was cancelled because there were some problems with the runway. Which problems exactly existed, I don’t really know, but it was certain that we won’t fly at 12am. The airport isn’t really big so the waiting time wasn’t really exiting either.

lambskin for sales – bargain in front of the airport

It was said that our flight should take off at around 3pm. But this wasn’t true and in the end we only arrived in Lima at 7.30pm and after our arrival our guide said we are doing the sightseeing tour in Lima right now.  So we saw Lima by night.

Lima is the capital and the biggest city of Peru. Lima was founded in the January of 1535. It was planned to found this city the 6th of January. The day of the kings, but the foundation was delayed and so the city was founded the 18th of January but nevertheless Lima is called the city of the kings.



This was nice and cute, but the traffic was really awful. Moreover in the center of Lima was a festival, so many streets were closed and there were loads of people. We actually left the bus and walked but with all your documents after a flight it was a bit dangerous. So we preferred to quit the sightseeing tour and enjoy in a restaurant nearby the festival the view and the empanadas. This was really good and relaxing.

The next day our flight from Lima to Bogotá was in the afternoon, so we had some time left to visit the city center of Lima during day time. Moreover we visited the “Convento de San Francisco”. This convent belongs to world cultural heritage of the UNESCO. It was founded 1546 and is really impressive. Unfortunately it wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside. The library in the convent is with its 20.000 books really impressive, as well the catacombs. In the catacombs you can find around 70.000 skeletons. It was really worth to visit.