My days in Colombia are counted, so it is kind of difficult to decide where to go and what more I actually have to visit. Time and money limits as always. I’m still studying and since the university is like school, I don’t have too many possibilities to travel far distances in Colombia. I just wait until the end of my semester.

On a Sunday I had the chance to go with a good friend of mine to Tobia. My friend is a guide of adventure trips and so the plan was to do some canoeing and rafting there in Tobia.

We went to Tobia by bus, which took around 2 hours or a bit more. It is amazing how fast the landscape is changing in Colombia. You only drive out Bogota and then you find another climate and landscape. So we actually ended up in Tobia in a smooth temperature of 25 degrees. I should mention here, that nowadays the “winter” came back to Bogota. So it is raining all the time here. For that reason Tobia was the best choice.

First of all my friend gave an introduction to his group about his activity, safety rule and how to put on the climbing gear. This we would need to do the rap off in the waterfall there.

After the introduction and the great breakfast, we were going to leave to get to the waterfall. Only in this moment another 3 persons of the activity group arrived. It is amazing that they were so relaxed while being late more than an hour. But everything was fine, they could participate. From there we went a short way with a really small and cute train to the start point of our walk. The trail was going along a big and dirty river, which is called “rio negro” (the black river). This river was really deep black and didn’t invite at all to take a swim there. More over the current was really strong, so you better stay out of the river at all. The plan was to do rafting in the afternoon, but unfortunately we didn’t find enough persons to participate. So it was only the canoeing.

Back to this story:

To get to the waterfall, we had to do a walking trip through a ditch which was great and relaxing. This walking trip was really funny because everyone was getting really wet all over. Only the two guides and I stayed dry because we were jumping from rock to rock. But in the end we were wet as well, because the rapping off in the waterfalls you can’t really avoid the water and moreover, for entering the waterfalls we were actually there. The rappel wasn’t that exciting because the waterfall didn’t offer lots of water, but still it is a good kind of adventure and I think with more water in it, it can be really exciting. During the rappel you have to change rope because there were two stations. To get to the last station has to jump from the rocks into the water and swim or dive to the last station. This was good fun.

But in the afternoon we were all happy to get some warm lunch and the possibility to change clothes. Back to Bogota I thought I will be freezing to dead because the climate change Tobia –Bogota was that big, but after a good night sleep, my body was adopted to this climate here in Bogota again.

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