Early in the morning, I heard someone calling my name and shaking the tent. It was the guy from Switzerland from last night. I said, you are back early and what happened. He told me that the weather was miserable and the sight was really poor, so their guide couldn’t find their way and they had to go back. This wasn’t a good motivation but during the night I was pretty sure that in this kind of weather you can’t climb the summit or at least it is better to wait and not to try at all. But the guys were kind of busy, so they wanted to head down to the valley immediately after a disappointing night trek. They asked if we want to join because there would have been enough space in the Jeep and the weather forecast wasn’t good either,but we negated.

Then we want back to sleep, everyone alone with their thoughts. After a few hours, in the later morning time, we still found ourselves in a rainy and windy day and of course this wasn’t a big surprise. I decided for myself to wait and stay inside until the worst would pass by, but the group consensus was different. So half an hour later I found myself outside in the snow rain. At least I got some breakfast inside me. I didn’t feel good because I was still suffering from my cold and my bad stomach. After getting soaked outside, every inch of us was wet, we finally got back into the tent. What a relief! There we changed clothes, heated up again, and went back to sleep a bit more. In the middle of the day the weather got better and we had a look around.The view was spectacular now!

And of course we had to dry our soaked clothes in the wind and in the few patches of sun. Repairing and reinstalling the tent was another thing to do. The following night wouldn’t get any better, this was certain.

The next day we had more luck and the day started without any snow rain, so we prepared ourselves to go up to the glacier for doing some exercises in the snow.

But finding the right way to the glacier turned out more difficult than we thought. Finally, after some hours of walking and searching we actually got from the rocks to the wither ground.

We put on our equipment and revised everything. This was a good practice but I realized as well that my body wasn’t in good and sufficient health estate. The illness made me weak. But still I had the wish to try. When we only return to our camp late in the afternoon and only went back to sleep around 8ish, it was clear that we won’t head to the summit at 11pm. It was just no possible with my strength at this time. The next morning we left the base camp and got down to warmer area. We need to relax after these cold and windy days. So we decided to head out to Banos some days. From there we would start our expedition to the highest mountain of Ecuador, the volcano Chimborazo.

Soon there will be published an article over our whole expedition in spanish from Jaime Tinoco on this blog. Thank you very much for that!

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