Riobamba – the Rio de Janeiro of Ecuador, we wished…

After our retreat from Cayambe, we were happy to get to warmer regions in Ecuador. We wanted to relax before starting our last and biggest project – the Chimborazo, the highest volcano of Ecuador. It is 6.267 m high – an impressive altitude.

To get easily to the base camp of the Chimborazo you should be in the city Riobamba. On our way from Quito to Riobamba, Banos was on the map and so we decided to relax there for a few days.

When we got to Banos we were happy to take a hot shower and unpack our backpacks.

The following day we had a late breakfast and still decided to do a cycling trip from Banos to Puyo, which is a small city located in the Amazon region. This trip is a 58 km cycle. During this tour we were passing different climate zones, which was amazing and very interesting. You end up in the Amazon region, where you find different food and climate. I was impressed. Now I really was looking forward to see and feel more of this fascinating region.

All in all it was a nice and funny cycle trip. In Puyo we got a bus to Banos. The bus driver was not amazed about carrying our rented bikes with the bus but we persisted. So just in time we got to the bike shop in Banos to return the bikes. Our shower was deserved!

The following days we prepared our project and went on to Riobamba. There we wanted to do the last bit of shopping, revise our plan and request the last missing information. Personally I was looking forward to go to Riobamba, the second Rio de Janeiro, at least the name sounded like that. But Riobamba was more Pampas than anything. When the bus driver said we already got to the Terminal in Riobamba, we couldn’t believe what we heard. But sure, you accept fast that you are in Riobamba and so we had to look for a Hostel, which wasn’t that easy either. After a through-the-city-run we finally found ourselves in a descent hotel.  Then straight away after getting rid of our heavy luggage we searched for camping gas, food and for more information. Still we weren’t sure how to get to the mountain hut “Hermanos Carrel” of Chimborazo.

We had luck; we found the Andean Adventures place where we met John, the guy who is working there. We talked with him and he gave us a lot of helpful information. After he heard about our project he offered us a lift to the base camp the next morning because his guide would take some clients up there anyway.  This was really nice and helpful.  So now it was fixed. We were going to leave Riobamba and going up to the base camp of Chimborazo the next morning. How exiting! In a hurry we went to a supermarket to buy the missing food and then more or less straight to bed. Some important days were waiting for us.

But first, some more impression of our stay in Banos and surrounding:

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