Somewhat travelling not only means getting to know new places, it means as well walking towards yourself. During my travels I had the pleasure to meet great people and as well I made some really good friends. All these people formed a bit of me. Right now I’m not hitting the road, but sometimes I have that strange feeling that somewhat I’m still travelling. A good friend of mine, Marissa, is an artist by coincidence. Somehow she needs to write down somewhat of poetry. I admire her free style. Her writing hits me and sends me to different places. I’m pleased that I can share one of her works with you.


by Marissa Krieger

Today my world’s                                       

Fading to grey,

Like all colours are

Refusing to stay.

My blue eyes are blue,

How can it be?

But you, I’m sure,

Can set me free!

Show me the sunshine,

That I can’t see,

Please stop the rain

Falling down on me.

Please find the key,

That somebody stole

To open these chains

And release my soul.

Show me the way out,

That I can’t find.

Please bring them back

These wings of my mind.

You gave me hope,

Lit up my track,

Slowly all colours

Are coming back.

This once grey sky

You’re painting blue.

You’re saving my day

And pulling me through.

I’m so glad now,

You broke the spell.

I’m gonna rock this world,

Heaven and hell.

If you walk the road,

I walked today,

I’ll chase your blues,

Won’t let it stay.

Dear friend of mine,

I’ll pay my dues,

I’ll do my best

To kill your blues.

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