Cape Coast (3) – Kakum National Park



The Kakum National Park offers a popular walk on a Canopy Walkway. Inside the jungle you can walk on wooden bridges through the jungle and when you are lucky you can observe the wild life. But you should be used with high altitudes or at least not having so many problems with it since the bridges are on an altitude of around 80 m.





It was said that the national park will be crowed on the weekends, so we decide to spend one night in the park to be the first ones to walk on the Canopy Walkway. For that reason we left Cape Coast in the evening time. But first we bought enough water and food because there would be nothing, where we were going to sleep. The Kakum National Park is around one hour drive away from Cape Coast. Since we only left late in Cape Coast we arrived in the dark at the national park. From the entrance we had to walk around one hour to our accommodation, a tree house. We were guided to this tree house, of course. It was pitch dark, so you concentrated on all the different sounds in the park. It was brilliant to hear the jungle coming alive in the night. Unfortunately we didn’t see a lot of animals, but you could hear them all over the place.


Sleeping in the tree house was really relaxing, although the place was crowded by people. I think we were 30 persons all in all. The next day we got up at around 5am to start early with the Canopy Walk. That was really enjoyable and impressive. At around 8am we were ready to exit the park, when already a lot of tourist arrived to enter the park.