They call me Afia


Strangely enough here in Ghana you will be asked after your Ghanaian name very often. Your Ghanaian name is the day on which you were born. So for every day there exists two names in Twi, one for females and one for men. As no one ever asked me about the day when I was born, I didn’t know the day and had to look it up after so many Ghanaians asked me about it. It turned out that I was born on a Friday, so my Ghanaian name is Afia. Sometimes the people on the road are actually guessing your Ghanaian name. From time to time they are right. So I suppose I look like a female Friday. Since my german name is too difficult to pronounce, I start using my second name here besides of Afia. This is actually nice because in Germany it is not often used, only for documents.


So here is the list of the Ghanaian names in Twi (no guarantee about the spelling)




Monday Kwadwo Adwoa
Tuesday Kwabena Abenaa
Wendesday Kwaku Akua
Thursday Yaw Yaa
Friday Kofi Afia
Saturday Kwame Ama
Sunday Akwasi Akosua

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