Arround Kumasi – Lake Bosomtwi

DSCF1537A nice and short trip to get out of Kumasi city is a trip to Lake Bosomtwi. It is located in the south-east of Kumasi. Two friends and I left late on a Saturday afternoon to Kutanase, where you have to change from the TroTro to a taxi or collective taxi to get to the Lake. As it was Saturday a lot of Funerals were hold and the streets were busy. Traffic was really bad.

DSCF1516We actually decided to walk the last kilometers to Kutanase. On our way we found an “obruni”-couple (white couple) in a taxi and we asked if we can join from Kutanase to the lake. When we arrived it was already dark and we still had to walk 3 km to our guesthouse on a dark lane. So we walked a bit scared of the dark to the guesthouse. It is really difficult to see a black person in the dark, so when someone passed by we noticed it only a short time before.

We had brought some food and drinks, so that we can enjoy a nice and quiet night out of Kumasi before the next days walk.

The next day we had an early start, which means 5.30 am, when the sunrise starts. Our plan was a walk around the lake. Well, we had no idea about the exact way and the distance. We only heard that you will need a full day, so that’s why we started early in the morning.

DSCF1523A short time after our start we were in a village where it was difficult to decide which way to take. The people from the village were all saying different things. So in the end we walked a small path just beside the lake and it leaded us to Cacao-Trees and more banana trees. But there we lost a bit our way and we had to go through some bushes until we found after two hours back to a village and the main road.

DSCF1528DSCF1539There finally we could refill our water supplies and buy some small food. After that we kept on that main path and passed a lot of small villages.

DSCF1565The kids of the village followed us and were excited to see three “obrunis”. They followed us until a certain point out of the village. Some of them wanted to touch us; some were afraid of us but still curious, so it was an interesting passing through.

DSCF1579We weren’t walking slowly or fast and we didn’t have a long break, but still we only arrived at our start point 10 hours later. So it was good, that we started early. After that we headed back to Kumasi and all three of us were looking forward to a shower after a dusty and warm 10 hours walk. Normally you can also come to the lake to do some horse riding, fishing, a boat trip or just for relaxing and swimming.  Perhaps I will go there again, just to rest, but time is passing by too quickly. So let’s see.

But the Lake is great and company was brilliant, so it was a good and enjoyable weekend!