WM Ghana vs. Zambia

DSCF2083Living in the second biggest city of Ghana it was a «Must» to go to the football game which took place in the BabaYara Stadium in Kumasi.




It was an awesome impression – Ghanaians are really good in celebrating and dancing. The atmosphere was overwhelming. After a short time the national team of Ghana scored the first goal against Zambia. The Ghanaians were really happy. They expressed all in dancing and a lot of noises, almost everyone had a vuvuzela and i’m still surprised that I survived the game without becoming deaf. Anyhow Zambia got their revenge and scored the 1:1 after a while. Luckily the Ghanaian supporters where still in a good mood and gave their best to motivate their team. So in the end Ghana won with 2:1 against Zambia and the city around the stadium changed into a red, yellow, and green sea with a lot of black stars. So you just have to love Ghana, shouldn’t you!?