Beach in Busua


The beach in Busua is well known for its beauty and its surfing abilities. We went there for a long weekend since the way from Kumasi to Busua takes a long time. First you have to go to Takoradi, which is a 6 hours drive from Kumasi away and then it is another 1.5 hours with another Trotro to Busua. So it is a very long trip for a weekend. Normally the Trotros are not stopping for any toilet or food. So my strategy is not to drink a lot of liquid and to eat light food, like peanuts or bananas, during the ride. This is exhausting but it is better than having the urgent feeling of getting out of the Trotro.


Anyhow at around 4 pm we arrived in Busua and the beach was brilliant although the weather was somehow coldish. Well it was warm, but there was no sun and some wind, so most of us didn’t want to enter into the fresh sea. But of course I had to try it out and it was really nice to have the feeling of the sea.


Later on in the evening you can enjoy some Reggae in some of the Bars. Busua is one of the locations where you can enjoy Bars & Beach on the Western Coast after Cape Coast.


On the next day after an awesome night out we went for a walk to the next village, called Butre. There a few of us went for a tour on a nearby lagoon and the rest had a look the old castle on top of the village.

DSCF1687The castle was quiet run down, but beautiful. The view from top of the castle was just brilliant and offered a nice view on the lagoon.


Some pictures which i captured in Butre:



Later on we just chilled at the beach and listened to the sound of the sea. It was nice.

DSCF1611The next and already the last day we went further to the west of Ghana. There we visited the famous village which is built on stilts. The village is called Nzulezo. There we went with small boats which took around 1-2 hours one way. At the village we had special food. It was Cassava with fish and stew. It was delicious!