Koforidua – Eastern Region

A weekend trip to Koforidua reveals a nice and cute city in the eastern region. From Koforidua you can visit some tourist attractions like the umbrella stone and the Boti water falls. You take a Trotro from Koforidua and then after 30 min you reach the Boti Waterfalls.



From the Boti Waterfalls you take a nice and interesting walk (you climb down and up a stony way) to the umbrella stone. There were a lot of visitors as well, but sure, the view from up the stone is nice and enjoyable.

Umbrella Stone
Umbrella Stone


The umbrella stone was a nice place to do a picnic as well. Many people just sat there and relaxed. We on the other hand sat on the edge of the stone to enjoy the view.



In Koforidua it self we had a walk around the surrounding of the city. It was nice. The city was located in a valley and was surrounded by small mountains. So walking in the streets revealed interesting sights. Here some nice pictures.




Not to forget the local food market in each city. As well Koforidua’s market offered lot of things. Moreover the market was more relaxed than in Kumasi or Accra. So there i got the chance to take some nice pictures as well.



DSCF2411 - Kopie

DSCF2410 - Kopie

And best of all the kids on the road. They were playing pool and when they saw us «obrunis» (white people) they were surrounding us  🙂 . They were eager to be on our pictures. Nice and beautiful kids!





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